Lectures by Morpheous are suitable for:

  • Human Sexuality courses and Psychology & Social studies

  • Safer sex presentations, LGBT organizations

  • Sexual diversity studies programs

  • Undergraduate orientation week


Suitable for players looking to learn a new skill or hone one. Class levels vary from Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced.

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*Looking behind the curtain:

Demystifying BDSM power play and Kinky sex


Kinky sex is currently enjoying a surge in popularity, and has become one of the largest explorative sexual practices. Studies indicate that 25-35% of adults engage in some form of sexual play that explores a power dynamic. This lecture focuses on demystifying and demonstrating some of the most exciting aspects of kinky sex and BDSM power play. From determining what you want and how to safely get it, communication, Morpheous walks the audience through self awareness for likes and dislikes as well as understanding the context of pain and pleasure. Looking at the history of the kinky sex movement and the investigation of the mainstream crossover, Morpheous explains how to practice BDSM etiquette so that all participants can use the framework of "Safe, Sane and Consensual" to scaffold their interests and desires in a healthy and positive way. Demonstrations and discussion of some of the equipment gives the audience a chance to understand this subculture in a tactile way.

*Pornography: From art to porn and back again:

A study of the influence of Kink on the arts and society

This lecture focuses on the dynamic tensions between the arts and society and how each has influenced the changing perception of Kink over the past 120 years. How did we go from French Impressionist paintings to online live pornographic web streaming and what does it mean for our future? From Manet to Hustler, from Modernism to online pornography, this lecture investigates and traces the creation and consumption of erotic images from "high art" to "low art" and explores the tension that is created by this dichotomy.y.

*Love makes the world go ‘round

Investigating the strengths and challenges of Polyamory

More and more citizens are currently turning to polyamory to explore and express their sexual and emotional needs and desires. Marginalized and alternative communities are especially branching out into polyamorous lifestyles. This lecture gives insight into how consensual non-monogamy has functioned in the past and what it brings to contemporary and alternative social relationships; how the participants use it, make it work and the challenges associated with it.

*Understanding alternative sexuality's emergence of communities

In the 21st century

As the internet and social networking sites develop, many more people are engaging in sexual practices that were previously considered marginalized or unusual. New emerging subcultures and organizations have grown from the underground and currently skirt around the edges of mainstream society. People from all socioeconomic classes are part of these new and emerging communities. These groups enjoy their own customs, nontraditional relationship structures, vocabulary and sexual practices. In this presentation geared towards safer sex workers, mental health professionals and therapist, Morpheous discusses and highlights the risk behavior of current alternative sexual communities as well as their vocabularies and structures in order to help you understand and better serve your clients' and patients' needs.






the agony of de-feet: Bastinado

Time: 1.5 hrs including individual and group hands on experience

Bring: Yarn and crochet hooks will be provided. Bring a cane if you have one or bring along several

Do Spanish inquisition techniques get you hot? Do you enjoy a more intense “foot massage” than most people? This introduction to the delightfully intense world of foot whipping will have you on your toes! Bastinado has been practiced throughout the centuries as a form of corporal punishment—and now Morpheous, in his inimitable presentation style, will show you how to bring it into your bedroom. Covering safety, how to create and set the atmosphere, selecting the proper equipment and how to manage the intensity level so you don’t go too far, this class also includes elements of Morpheous' microbondage class, so you can learn how to tie your lover’s feet so they stay where you put them.

rope bondage 101 and beyond

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours including individual and group hands-on experience

Bring: There will be some rope available for practice, but if you already have your own bring it along.

This introductory workshop is geared towards people who want to learn how to get down and dirty with an item that is available at EVERY hardware store: Rope. You will learn how graceful, elegant, beautiful and deliciously wicked rope bondage with a Japanese flavor can be. This workshop will cover the basics of selecting rope, care and safety, and will teach you three simple ties that open the door to endless possibilities in the boudoir or dungeon. This is a hands-on workshop; you will have an opportunity to practice what you learn. 

boobs in bondage

Bring: Rope.


This is a whole class devoted to binding and tying everyone's favorite body part: Breasts. In this class, Morpheous explores the physical

and mental aspects of binding breasts of all shapes and sizes. You'll learn which ties works best for all types of boobs, and Morpheous will demo-model a minimum of four types of breast ties: Predicament bondage with the nipples, breast bondage on men, the special needs of implants and Morpheous' special, the Helicopter. The perfect class for lovers of the majestic breast! 

erotic fetish photography

Time: 2 .5 hours including individual and group hands-on experience

Bring: Personal camera for workshop. The participants will be working together as each other’s models. If
you have a partner you may shoot exclusively with them.


Does the adventurous style and intensity of fetish photography excite you? If you fantasize about photographing your erotic playtime, then this dynamic and creative workshop is for you! This class will include creative play, fetish scenes, the use of natural and found light and how to reveal yourself or your partner through intimate self portraits. Covering everything from the best approach to shooting rope bondage to capturing the essence of other fetishes and artistic posing, this class will teach you everything you need to get you started in Erotic Fetish Photography. 

Rope Bondage 201

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours including individual and group hands-on experience

Bring: Rope


Whether you've just graduated from Morpheous' Rope Bondage 101 class or have been tying for some time, this class is a fantastic way to keep you progressing through rope bondage when you're no longer a beginner. Covering everything from basic human anatomy to minimizing risk while maximizing pleasure, Rope Bondage 201 will give you the skills and confidence to move towards greater rope proficient. More elaborate ties will be introduced, as well as restraint ties and partial (but not full) suspension work.

Bring: Rope

Want your bondage to wow all the cool kids? Is there an art geek lying deep within you, yearning to burst free and get tied up? Join Morpheous as he builds upon the foundations laid during his Rope Bondage 101 and Beyond class. In this class, Morpheous unravels the mystery of how and when to apply which element of design. You will learn when to incorporate sculptural elements into your bondage and how to explore the use of non-traditional objects that will make your rope-bound submissive look prettier than ever . This class focuses on the fusion of the Eastern and Western styles that has occurred over the past 10 years, bringing a Western interpretation to the classic Japanese style. This is a hands-on class; bring rope and be prepared to work through sculptural exercises that will give you the chance to put theory into practice. 

The Aesthetics of Rope Bondage 201

Dynamic ROpe PRoblem solving

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours including individual and group hands-on experience

Bring: Rope

Are you reaching roadblocks in your rope practice? Do you struggle to move beyond certain stumbling blocks? Let Morpheous help! This class explores knot and rigging systems and builds rope management skill sets. Morpheous focuses on how to streamline your workflow when rigging, exploring the little details that stop potential problems from turning into bigger ones. You'll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make your bondage more beautiful and effective, and a hell of a lot less frustrating! 

MIcrobondage 101

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours including individual and group hands-on experience

Bring: Crochet Hook

Bondage isn't just about arms, legs, boobs and torsos. Far from it! After you've attended this thrilling class, your submissive's fingers, toes, hands, feet, head and face will never be safe again! Binding the smaller parts of the body can provide a very powerful mental experience for both submissive and Rigger. In this class, you'll learn how to tie someone in a way that will delay their orgasm while you toy with them. Yarn, parachute cord, twine, string will all be used to deliciously wicked effect in this workshop.

MIcrobondage 201

Time: 1.5 – 2 hours hands on

Bring: Crochet hook, pretty ribbons/yarn

This class picks up where Microbondage 101 leaves off! Learn how to put your submissive's fingers, toes, feet and hands—and their most delightfully naughty parts—into even more precarious predicaments and pretty positions! This hands-on workshop teaches you how to maximize bondage with a minimal amount of effort and materials. Various threads and weights will be discussed as well body positioning and binding larger body parts to make your playtime as delicious as it can be

Prerequisites: Microbondage 101 is strongly encouraged

restrained loving

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours including individual and group hands-on experience


Take rope bondage to a whole new level! Learn how to tie your partner to your bed, chairs and stair railings safely, securely and with confidence. This class is for those who want to explore alternative ways to use rope in their sex life. Safety and health concerns will be covered along with rope selection and maintenance, to help you play safely without losing any of the intensity. This is a beginner level class; no experience is necessary but enthusiasm certainly is!

Teaching kink

Time: 1.5 hours

There is a difference between offering free advice and actually holding a formal workshop or teaching event that will help impart knowledge to large groups of people. Many in the kink community have the drive but not the pedagogical skills to become stellar presenters and teachers—so here's a class to change all that! Being able to impart information in an informal way is a valuable tool. Many can become exceptional presenters with theright amount of guidance. Educating educators is something that communities need to focus on for future growth. As a formally trained educator I believe it's important to help others along so that they can grow themselves. The workshop gives you the tools and confidence to become an effective and exciting kink presenter and educator. 

rope bondage for porn: easier than it looks

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours including individual and group hands-on experience

Do you want more bondage in your next upcoming movie or web content? Are you keen to add a whole new level to your next bondage shoot? Rope bondage is beautiful but can be intimidating at first. In this class, you'll learn how to tie your models with a few gorgeous, simple ties that require no more rope bondage experience than knowing how to tie your shoes. From tying your models to beds and chairs to tying them to each other, you'll learn how to perform the basics of killer bondage safely, securely and with confidence. Morpheous leads this delicious and informative class on how to create beautiful and effective rope bondage for the porn industry, including tips and ways to make your bondage beautiful. Safety and health concerns, rope selection and rope maintenance will be covered to help you work quickly and effectively. 

the aesthetics of bondage: using design elements to enhance rope art

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours including individual and group hands-on experience

Bring: rope

This workshop teaches you how to understand and apply the principles and elements of design to take your rope bondage from purely functional to a beautiful work of art. This will involve a Western interpretation of the Japanese style and explore the new fusion that has evolved in the West over the past decade. It is an excellent complement to the Rope Bondage

101 and Beyond class and will have your submissive/ looking prettier than ever before! There will be hands-on time for you to put into practice certain aspects of the theory we will cover.

getting good at getting naughty

Silk scarves, candles, and things you find around your house can be just as exciting when you have an evening to explore
kinky power play. Do you long to be tied up or have you hair pulled? Do you desire to hold your lover helpless while you
Silk scarves, candles and a whole host of other household objects can be perfect tools with which to explore kinky power play. Do you long to be tied up or have your hair pulled? Do you ache to hold your lover helpless while you cover their body? Learn how to set the mood and introduce some new kinky fun into the bedroom with this class! Join Morpheous and his lovely, feisty assistant for a thrilling and informative introduction to safe and kinky play.Morpheous and his lovely and feisty assistant for a walk through the introduction of safe and kinky play to your bedroom games

oh my bod!

What’s the buzz all about vibrators and dildos? Learn how they can take sex from fun to fabulous! In this class we are going
to learn about different types of vibrators and dildos. What is the best material to use, how to clean and take care of them
and what is the best type of butt plug to wear to dinner? What’s the buzz about vibrators and dildos? Learn how sex toys can turn sex from fun to fabulous! In this class, you'll learn about different types of vibrators and dildos and how best to use them—on yourself or on another! From choosing your new toy, through the best type of care all the way to choosing the best butt plug to wear at dinner, Morpheous and his lovely, feisty assistant take the mystery out of choosing your new sex toy. and his lovely and feisty assistant “Ohhh” take the
mystery out of choosing your new sex toy.